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Visbeen and Post-Kogeko merge to become Daily Logistics Group


Visbeen and Post-Kogeko merge to become Daily Logistics Group

Visbeen and Post-Kogeko merge into Daily Logistics Group. With this merger DLG strengthens their market position in multimodal conditioned food transport in Europe.

Logical fit after 20 years of collaboration

After 20 years of successful collaboration, this merger of two strong family owned companies is a logical fit for further growth. There is a strong fundament for this merger on equal basis. Family values as well as continuity are being secured through this merger.

The activities of Post-Kogeko and Visbeen complement each other. Together they further build synergies in the markets as well as in operations. Under the new company name of Daily Logistics Group, they are committed to strengthen their three strong brands; Visbeen, Post-Kogeko and Daily Fresh Logistics. Together they continue to develop qualitative solutions for multimodal transport of fresh, chilled and frozen products.

Win with customers

Joost Visbeen, newly appointed CEO of Daily Logistics Group: “This is an important step in the collaboration of Visbeen and Post-Kogeko to drive growth and gain efficiencies. Joining forces allows us to better serve our customers in the different markets. Our combined know-how of multimodal transport also allows us to strengthen ourselves with regards to the Brexit. We fulfil a directing role in the supply chain, providing customers with confidence and peace of mind to maximize their collaboration with us.”

Drive productivity and efficiency gains

“Our joined 150 years of experience and combined knowledge of multimodal transport enables us to drive efficiencies and leverage our scale. This offers possibilities to optimize our routes, processes and systems in a more efficient way. This merger also offers a broader and more diverse working package to drivers, both geographically and in type of work. In a tight market we want to remain an attractive employer” comments CFO Harald Lourens.

New Board of Directors

The new Board of Directors of Daily Logistics Group will exist of Joost Visbeen as CEO, and Harald Lourens as CFO. Nicole Visbeen and Marcus Post will join the Management Team. While the current director-shareholders of Post-Kogeko and Visbeen, respectively Dirk Post and Adrie Visbeen step down from their daily management roles.

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Established in 1925, the Visbeen Transport Group ( is a renowned multimodal transporter of mainly temperature-controlled food products. With frozen groupage service and full load services they operate across Benelux, UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain and Scandinavia. The fleet comprises 100 trucks and 475 trailers and containers. The company has 70 office employees, 125 drivers and is located in Nieuwe Tonge, The Netherlands.   


Post-Kogeko ( is an all-round logistical service provider with forty years of experience in conditioned food logistics. Engaged in distribution, trailer transport, frozen goods logistics and container transport, they two offices and cross-docking facilities in The Netherlands. The fleet comprises of 170 trucks and 250 trailers. The company has 60 office employees, 250 drivers and is located in Maasdijk, The Netherlands.

DailyFresh Logistics

Visbeen and Post-Kogeko have been cooperating as partner in DailyFresh Logistics ( which was formed in 1998 for the groupage of fruit and vegetable transports to the UK. The company operates cross-docking facilities in Hoek van Holland, delivering products on a daily basis to a large number of customers in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. The company has 35 employees.